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Terror Hottie To Co-Write Leatherface 3D

You know us out here at Terror Hotties, folks–we’re not just about actresses. We don’t care what side of the camera she’s on, we’re all about terror hotties, be they filming, acting or writing. And it’s one of those we’ve got today, as we discover that Leatherface 3D has a writer.

We’re talking about Kirsten Elms, who is working with Takers director (and now Leatherface 3D director) John Luessenhop to retool the script and get it as ready for prime time as a movie about Leatherface can possibly get.

Current word is that this one’s going to go back to the events of the first one, and after they take a few minutes to finish those, they’re going to jump ahead thirty five years. Of course, by then, Leatherface probably should be a geriatic, so unless his walker’s got a chainsaw on it, Elms and Luessenhop had better do some serious tapdancing to explain how a man likely in his sixties, possibly his seventies, is still running around like a loon with a ten pound chainsaw.

No word on release dates yet–they’re still getting the script together–so keep it right here for all the latest.