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Terror Hotties Get Hungry

It’s called Hunger, folks, and it’s part of the steadily growing subgenre of “people trapped in a room”.? It’s getting tough to find good examples of this one any more, as they’re rapidly getting played out.? But Hunger may be a bit more than the rest, and it’s making the festival rounds literally as we speak.

Featuring terror hotties Laura Albyn, Linden Ashby, Lori Heuring and Lea Kohl, Hunger is set to be a “dark exploration into the breakdown of humanity”.? Five strangers are, somehow, trapped in an underground bunker without food, part of the social experiment of a lunatic.? How long before the gravity of the situation overwhelms their capacity for reason and compassion?

Sounds interesting–I’ve personally heard that society is about four meals away from collapse at any given time, so seeing something that helps to cement that theory definitely gives me a chill in the old spine.? No clue when this one will be available OFF the festival circuit, so keep it here for the latest.