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Kinsey Packard Back For More

(Kinsey Packard)

Terror hottie Kinsey Packard is coming back for more with the upcoming release of Nuclear Family.? And that’s not even the best part–she’ll be joined by small-time genre favorites Corin Nemec and Ray Wise.

The early word about Nuclear Family is that it’s going to be, get this–”a post-apocalyptic action / drama with lots of fighting, blood and gunplay.”

As for the plot, that centers on a small family out looking for their missing son, trying desperately to survive in the post-apocalyptic nightmare they find themselves in, and on top of that, keep ahead of a homicidal group of madmen known as the Berserkers.

They were looking to wrap production on the twentieth, with webisodes soon to follow, and man, this sounds like some good stuff.? No word on release dates yet as they don’t actually have a distributor yet, from the sounds of it.