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Jamie Lynn Sigler To Hit South By Southwest

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(Jamie Lynn Sigler)

It’s one of the biggest film festivals around, folks–South By Southwest storms into Texas this time every year, and in its wake, we get lots and lots of great newsy bits about upcoming movies.

Chances are that, when you think Jamie Lynn Sigler, you think “The Sopranos”.? And that’d be a fair guess, because that was sort of her big thing.? But she’s also a terror hottie, following her appearance in the After Dark Horrorfest title Dark Ride.? And she’ll cement that reputation a little further with Wake.

Wake is already being compared to The Shining, and features a young couple on their way to a wedding in Los Angeles.? To get there, of course, they’ll have to go bombing through the Mojave Desert.? They stop for the night at the oh-so-picturesque Roy’s Motel and Cafe, where they meet Frank, the front desk manager, and his wife Sandy, who seems most interested in humping everything that moves.? Except, of course, Frank.? Anyway, turns out the male half of our young couple had a nasty secret in his past (when DON’T they have nasty secrets in these movies?) and it’s about to come bursting out in the middle of the Mojave.

It doesn’t have a distributor–yet–so no word on release dates, but keep it here and we’ll pass on all the latest about this one as we get it.