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Stills Emerge For Werewolf Hunter Felicia Day

(Felicia Day)

All right, fellow horror geeks, I know we’re all looking forward to a SyFy channel original movie for the first time in like forever because they finally made a really bright casting move.? Yes, our beloved Felicia Day–whom you’ll remember from Dollhouse, The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog–will be back soon, and the first images of her in the midst of her new duties are just now coming out.

And yes, the title is legit–Felicia Day will portray a descendant of the original Little Red Riding Hood, whose family has apparently sworn to destroy werewolves wherever they find them.? Not surprisingly, Felicia’s character has become engaged (after all, she looks like Felicia Day.? How could she NOT get a boyfriend?) and she’s taking him to meet the folks.? But in the midst of this, Red’s family business rears its ugly head and the fiance gets bitten by a werewolf.? Now Red’s got to find a cure before the rest of the family follows through on its mission and kills the fiance but good.

This will hit the air in 2011, so keep your eyes front.

Felicia Day Going Vampire Hunting

(Felicia Day)

For those of you out there who kept up with Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog or The Guild, your patience will be rewarded as we discover that Felicia Day has gone terror hottie.

She’ll be joining the cast of Red, a Syfy channel movie featuring Day as the descendent of–get this!–the original Little Red Riding Hood.? She brings her fiance home one day and fills him in on the family business: hunting werewolves.? Naturally, he doesn’t buy this sort of thing one teensy bit, until a werewolf actually bites him.

Red’s family wants him dead now, of course…but Red isn’t so sure about this and thus sets out to save her fiance’s life.

Sounds interesting, though it’s hard to tell how werewolf hunting pays bills sufficently to be a family business.? It’s set to be finished and premiere sometime in 2011, and it’s actually part of a fairy tale-themed horror lineup that will feature five other titles.

I have to admit, this might be good.