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Jack and Diane To Get Fresh Terror Hottie Infusion

(Juno Temple)

So the word is that Juno Temple will be replacing Alison Pill (who in turn replaced Ellen Page) in the upcoming lesbian horror romp Jack and Diane.? Olivia Thirlby fans will be pleased to note that she’s not going anywhere, meanwhile.

I said this was a “lesbian horror romp” and I pretty much meant it–it features two teenage girls who discover that they’ve got a thing for each other find themselves facing a horrible set of circumstances.? The duo are going to have to split up soon as one’s leaving the country, and the one who’s leaving the country is having hallucinations about werewolves.

For those of you who said that this is a Twilight with werewolves and hot lesbians instead of sparkly angsty emo boi vampires, you’re probably not too far off.? But all the same, terror hotties are terror hotties, and we’re always glad to see them in play.