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Veronika London Joins Black Eve Cast

(Veronika London)

There’s something to be said for giving away the entire point of an article in the headline, I say, so you’ll be interested to know that Black Eve is already well underway.

New stills and a teaser trailer have emerged for the film, and here’s the really interesting part of the whole mess (or at least the part that’s interesting to us)–it features Veronika London, who’s already being described as “the Megan Fox of Hollywood North” by no less than Maxim.

And the plot isn’t too bad, either–it features a young woman with psychic powers who follows the trail of recently murdered friends at a Halloween party in an abandoned department store.

So between the fact that this has some sweet terror hottie vibe already involved, and a half decent storyline, we should be in for a pretty good time here.? Of course, we’ll have to wait a bit for this one to hit–there’s no word yet on release dates–but the fact that the teaser trailer has emerged suggests that it won’t be too much longer before we get to see how this turns out.