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13 Eerie Gets Some Serious Terror Hottie With Katharine Isabelle

Canadian zombie movies aren’t exactly a widely-seen subgenre, but considering one such title–13 Eerie–is set to have Katharine Isabelle star, well, it’s a reason to take this whole genre (not to mention this particular title) much more seriously.

13 Eerie follows six college students who’ve set out for a remote island during a field project. But while the island may be remote, it’s not uninhabited. Turns out it was also the home of some highly illegal biological testing featuring a variety of criminals which were tested and left for dead. But they didn’t die…per se.

Word is that this will be a whole different kind of zombie from the earlier versions, which certainly does have my interest as I hadn’t thought there were that many different kinds left. They’ve only just started shooting, so it will likely be a while before we see how it turns out, but still. I’m hopeful this will turn out well, and so should you be.

New Poster Emerges For American Mary

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We talked about American Mary not too long ago, featuring Katharine Isabelle in front of the camera and the Soska Sisters handling writing and directing duties, but we’ve got something new for you today–a poster for American Mary, and this one sounds like it might be some good stuff.

See, in American Mary, it’s a familiar scene. The economy’s in freefall, things are a downright disaster, but people are desperate for a slice of normalcy. So desperate, in fact, that they’ll do most anything to keep it, and keep up the appearance of normalcy as well. And that’s where we join American Mary…trying to keep up appearances, by any means necessary. Any.

Clever? You bet. Original? Oh yeah–it’s almost like the horror version of Fun With Dick and Jane, and I never thought I’d see that. Familiar? Yes it is; I’ve heard about stuff like this actually happening, and putting it in a horror movie is a great twist. I’m definitely looking forward to this one.

No clue on release dates just yet, but we’ll be keeping an eye out!

Hard Ride To Hell Gives Us Plenty of Terror Hotties

(Katharine Isabelle)

Katharine Isabelle and Laura Mennell serve as the terror hotties of note for the upcoming direct to video romp Hard Ride To Hell.

It’s an interesting little story, featuring a group of campers who blunder onto a human sacrifice in progress–and it’s never pleasant when you just wander into a human sacrifice.? You never know what you should say, and they only give you stink eye when you offer to bring the potato salad for the next one.

Anyway, it only gets worse as the campers thus find themselves on the run from the gang of bikers who was doing the sacrificing in the first place, plus a lunatic priest who’s, in the best Blues Brothers style, on a mission from God.? And the bottom falls out of the whole thing when they meet a little boy with a horrible secret.

It doesn’t get much worse than that, folks, and the interesting thing is, this was a Spike TV original movie.? It’ll also make its way to DVD May 25, so in case you missed it before, you’ll get a fresh chance to see it now.