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Chain Letter Hits Theaters In May

(Nikki Reed)

Just when I think horror movies can’t go any farther in finding bizarre ways to kick one off, well, somehow they always managed to find a way.? It’s called Chain Letter, and the plot is basically what you’d expect from a movie called Chain Letter–a bunch of kids get chain letters in the mail, and those who refuse to forward them on get killed. Messily.

Seriously though, who actually sends, or receives, paper-mail chain letters?? Aren’t they all done by email any more?? How scary can the scenario be when absolutely no one can relate to it?

But there’s a reason to be of good cheer, folks–strange as that plotline may be, there will be terror hotties here to keep us all distracted from the outlandish nature of the plot–Nikki Reed and Betsy Russell will both be on hand for this one.

It’s going to hit theaters May eleventh at last report, so keep your eyes front if you want to get a little bit of retro-style horror in your viewing diet.