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Finally A Movie Title That Gets Right To The Point

(Devanny Pinn)

Would horror movies be better if they boasted titles like “Bucket Full Of Blood Six” or “Tear Out Their Entrails Three” or even “Warmed Over Serial Killer Movie Part Eight: We Desperately Want Your Money”?

I don’t know, but in the case of the upcoming Die Sluts Die!, which is set to beign filming late summer of this year, they definitely don’t beat around the bush.? Featuring the so-called “Horror Barbie”, Devanny Pinn, this one is about a serial killer who runs amok in the midst of a co-ed campout with pretty much anything he can get his hands on.

Give this movie a note of credit–from the sounds of it they’ll be taking the high road and making this a “dark comedy” in with the bloodsport.? But will it be funny?? Or just really, really sad?? We’ll keep an eye out for this one!