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Another Angry Driver Joins Drive Angry

Seems that the Nicholas Cage exhortation to drive safely known as Drive Angry just keeps attacking on the terror hotties, this time bringing in none other than Charlotte Ross, who will apparently be playing Cage’s love interest, a waitress who gets both seduced and protected by Cage’s character.

Yes, despite the fact that Cage is supposed to be tearing around the countryside in a desperate bid to find and kill the people who killed his daughter and kidnapped her baby, apparently he’s got time to stop for pie, in every possible sense of the word.

Not that I’m complaining, of course… the addition of Ross might well be one of the best things about this movie, but it’s not like her appearance in it will bring it down any more than the script and Cage’s own performance are likely to.? And we’ll get to see, for better or worse, just how this turns out next February.