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Official Poster Lands For Hunger Games

With only a couple months left until Hunger Games lands in theaters, it’s not a surprise that we’d see a nice new one-sheet land for our consumption, and the end result is pretty sharp in its own right.

Featuring a wide array of terror hotties including Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Banks, The Hunger Games follows a badly altered America, and altered for the worse. Now referred to as Panem and split into twelve districts, the Capitol, home of the elite ruling class, now demands each district send a boy and a girl to compete in a massive bloodsport to both pacify and intimidate the competition. And this year’s Hunger Games, as they’re called, may well end up kicking off a revolution once the new competitors arrive.

Dystopia is usually good stuff, as far as I’m concerned, but it all depends on the execution. That’s why I’m looking very much forward to finding out just how this one turns out when it hits theaters March 23rd.

Two More Terror Hotties Hit Hunger Games

(Elizabeth Banks)

This thing is picking up terror hotties like a snowball going downhill at a…well…at a terror hottie party. We’ve got Amanda Stenberg and, of all people, Elizabeth Banks.

Amanda Stenberg will be joining up as Rue, one of the contestants in the Hunger Games, and Elizabeth Banks signs on as Effie Trinket, an “escort” of the contestants. Effie actually shows up in all the Hunger Games titles, so this is a pretty big hit for Elizabeth Banks.

The more I find out about this series, the more interested I am. Granted, this may end poorly, as it definitely seems geared to the Twilight set, but it’s hard to turn down a post-apocalyptic anything, really. This could be good, but we’ll have the better part of a year to wait to see how it turns out.

The Hunger Games hits theaters March 23rd, 2012.

Elizabeth Banks To Hit Dark Fields

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(Elizabeth Banks)

For those of you who, like me, got a strange sense of d?j? vu from looking at that title above, don’t worry– you’re not going nuts.

There’s a very good reason that title is so familiar to you– it’s already taken.

But this time around, they’ll be putting into something of a better use by attaching it to the story of a time traveling author who gets his hands on a drug that makes you smarter–but also has the mysterious side effect of moving time like stop-motion film.

Some are already comparing this one to Fight Club and The Game, but whether or not it will live up to that somewhat high standard remains to be seen.? No word yet on release dates, as we’re still in mid-casting, so keep it here and as always I’ll tell you everything I know as soon as I know it.