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Surprise Terror Hottie Burst for The Bunny Game


This one comes as a bit of a surprise because up until now, I haven’t seen anyone hawking this anywhere.? No TV spots, no web trailers in any of the main locations, no nothing in fact… and that’s a bit of a surprise because this one looks to be packing enough horrific firepower for two movies.

Featuring Rodleen Getsic as a hooker just trying to make ends meet, she agrees to a “date” with a trucker who ends up having a lot more on his mind than a hooker’s normal services.? And this particular “date” just might be our hooker’s last.

As it turns out, there is a trailer for this, but it’s only being run on Facebook right now, which isn’t exactly a great way to call attention to your work.? In fact, it’s more like requiring your audience to look for a needle in a gigantic stack of needles.? It sounds easy, at first look, until you realize that it’s a particular needle you’re looking for, and in this stack, every needle looks pretty much the same as the one before it.

No word yet on release dates for this particular item, so keep it here for all the very latest.