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Terror Hotties Come From DogShit

Folks, I barely even know how to explain this one.? All I can do is look vaguely horrified by the concept and try and express as best I can.? Rest assured that what you’re about to read is the result of my best possible skill as a writer.

Today, I’m talking about the movie DogShit.

Yes, that really IS the title.? It features Ruby LaRocca, formerly of Shadow: Dead Riot on terror hottie detail, and it’s an animated story about a giant dog who’s somehow managed to conquer the world.? The giant dog is trading on fear over a series of monster attacks to encourage the populace to get a specific kind of brain surgery.? And from there, a monster hunter rises up in a bid to both destroy the monsters and overthrow the giant dog who’s currently running society.

Yeah, I know, I’m pretty well confused too, and I’d probably be willing to watch if for no other reason than I’ve never heard of ANYTHING like this.? The five minute promotional trailer has already been released, but no further word on release dates is out yet.