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Daddy’s Girl Kicks Off This Summer

It’s called Daddy’s Girl, and filming on this one is supposed to start shooting later this summer.? Featuring Zoe Sloane of Life After Lisa as part of the terror hottie setup, it follows an evil little teenage girl who convinces her widower, alcoholic father that a boy who asked her on a date took her out and raped her.

The sad part here is, though, the boy in question actually turned DOWN the evil little girl’s advances…but she didn’t like that much.? Didn’t like it sufficiently to sic daddy on him.

It’s a nifty little twist and not one we see very often, but will a nifty little twist be sufficient to produce an entire good movie?? That of course will remain to be seen, but we shouldn’t have too long to wait.? Especially if this film follows typical indie movie stylings–it should be finished in a matter of weeks or even a few months, putting it possibly on track for Halloween release.