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Like True Blood? Check out Grave Sight!

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Folks, you know that we’re ALL about the terror hotties out here, and we’re always keeping up with any terror hottie, whether she be in front of or behind the camera.? We got a REAL liberal definition of terror hottie here, and for the most part, we think it does well.

So today I’m happy to tell you that Charlaine Harris, terror hottie author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, will be doing a comic book version of her book Grave Sight, which follows a young lady named Harper Connelly.? Harper’s got a strange job–she finds dead people.? More specifically, she can tell where a person died, and what they were doing in that last moment.? Her stepbrother Tolliver manages her career, and the duo have become expert in getting in, getting out and getting on with their lives, wallets fatter and closure given.

I don’t know about you, folks, but that sounds pretty awesome by my count.? I haven’t read the books but they should make pretty exciting comics, and if this doesn’t get a conversion to television or movies pretty soon, I’ll be hugely surprised.