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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Gets Release Date

Just picked up some interesting news for us out in the terror hottie circuit, folks–we’ve been following Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for some time now, and a very nifty little bit has emerged. A release date, that seems pretty firm, has emerged and it’s sooner than you might think.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (featuring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Robin McLeavy as just two of the terror hotties–Jaqueline Fleming is also said to make an appearance as, of all things, Harriet Tubman) follows the President of the same name. While in our history, his mother was said to have died of “milk sickness”, in this one, she was actually turned into a vampire. And now, the old railsplitter is turning rails into stakes to go hunt up the bloodsuckers who took his mom.

It’s hard not to be excited about this one, because it’s one of the few historical dramas out there that also qualify as a horror film. It’s like a literary version of Blade, and who couldn’t be happy about that? This one will hit theaters June 22, so prepare to get a good old fashioned shot of horror in your summertime fun.

The Thing Prequel Lands On Television

If Mary Elizabeth Winstead wasn’t enough to get you interested in The Thing, perhaps the first television spot will do the job of sparking your interest.

The Thing takes us back down to McMurdo Station for the first time, and heads just a little bit to the left (or where ever it was in relation to McMurdo, I don’t know offhand) to check out the briefly mentioned “Norwegian site”. But what the Norwegians have found is something that redefines science as we know it. They found a crashed alien vessel. And while it seems abandoned to the Norwegian researchers, we all know full well that it’s anything but. Now, we see how the Norwegians went awry in reaching their ultimate goal.

I’m defitinely looking forward to it if for no other reason than to see hwo the whole rivalry comes out. Even better, we’ll be able to check this out ourselves when it hits theaters, October 14. Sign me up for a copy of one of these, because I absolutely want to stee how it boils out.

Big News For The Thing Prequel

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(Mary Elizabeth Winstead)

Those of you interested in The Thing’s upcoming prequel will likely be extremely happy to hear that they’ve got a special effects firm lined up to help out, and it’s no less than Amalgamated Dynamics.

Just in case you’re bad with names, the firm also worked on, get this: Alien 3, Wolf, Aliens Vs. Predator, The X-Files, Tremors, Starship Troopers and Death Becomes Her.

Tack on Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the terror hottie slot and a fantastic effects company and you should manage to add that all up to at the very least a decent movie.? As long as the script isn’t a total disaster we all should be able to get some enjoyment out of The Thing’s upcoming prequel.