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Malevolence Sequel Gets Huge Exposure

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For those of you who remember 2004’s Malevolence, commonly recommended as one of the best low-rent indie slasher flicks you’ve probably never heard of, chances are you’re pretty excited about a sequel.? Well, you’re going to get it, and yes, there will be terror hotties here, or why else would we talk about it?

Kathryn Meisle and Alexandra Daddario star in Malevolence: Bereavement, the sequel to Malevolence, a title still desperately in search of a release date that’s being described as a “heavy homage to Friday the 13th.”

Considering the stills appear to revolve mainly around a guy wearing an enormous cattle skull like a helmet and one of our terror hotties’ blood-soaked cleavage, I figure this has to be at least par for the course as horror flicks go, and we should get a pretty entertaining ride out of it.