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Hypothermia Packs Terror Hotties & A Sweet Monster, Too

Blanche Baker and Amy Chang head up the terror hottie contingent of Hypothermia, and they’re going to have a particularly nasty monster to take on while they’re out in the cold.

Hypothermia takes us out to the lake, where two families are engaged in ice fishing. And it’s a pretty normal day on the lake, until they discover that there’s something else under the ice, and it’s not interested in fish…but rather in the two families. Now they’ll have to get out of the horror they’ve unwittingly unleashed before it eats them all.

A little good old fashioned monster movie action is never so bad, and though this one looks a little on the low budget side–okay, maybe more like a lot on the low-budget side–it could still prove to be an exciting time on the lake. There’s no word just yet on when Hypothermia will hit, but MPI / Dark Sky has already agreed to handle distribution on this one, so hopefully it won’t be long until we get a full release here. I’m certainly excited to see this one emerge!

Hypothermia Warms Up With Terror Hotties

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Some fresh new stills have emerged for a movie I had yet to hear anything about before yesterday–it’s called Hypothermia, and not surprisingly, it’s cold.? Turns out most of the production is shot on a frozen lake, and revolves around a couple of families out for some ice fishing fun.? But the fun is interrupted by a mysterious something living in the frozen lake that decides it’s hungry for people meat.

The terror hotties on this particular foray are Blanche Baker and Amy Chang, and the further good news here is that low-budget genre favorite Michael Rooker also shows up.

It’s been a good long while since our last mystery movie romp, so this one comes as a welcome surprise, which will be especially great to watch when summer starts cooking our brains.? And since this just recently wrapped, we may get it in time for the hottest days of summer.