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Two Images Emerge For Gone

Gone is going to have a whole bunch of terror hotties involved in its proceedings, and since that’s our primary focus, you know we have to keep track of this one. And with a pair of new images emerging, this one looks like it’ll make a bigger splash than you may well think.

Featuring Amanda Seyfried and amazing terror hottie Jennifer Carpenter, Gone follows a woman who’s just come home from her night shift job to discover that her sister has gone missing. And naturally, when something like that happens, the first thing she thinks of is the serial killer who kidnapped her two years previously. But she finds herself on her own when the police don’t believe her tale of hypothetical revenge, and thus it’s left to the young lady to hunt up her little sister and perhaps even put paid to the killer with a twofold connection to her family.

I’m reasonably confident this could turn out well, but the execution is going to be very, very important here. The images make this look pretty good, so that gives me some hope for the future, and hopefully this will end up as the early word suggests it may work out well in the end. And we’ll find out how this turns out February 24th.

Gone Packs In The Terror Hotties, Brings A New Poster

Wow, folks…no matter what you think about the upcoming release of Gone, or its admittedly less than pleasant new poster, one thing’s quite clear: this thing is stuffed full of terror hotties.

Featuring Amanda Seyfried in the lead role, backed up by Emily Wickersham, the insane genius that is Jennifer Carpenter, and more besides, Gone follows a young woman who’s just come home from working a night shift to discover that her sister isn’t home. And she thinks she knows who’s responsible, too–the serial killer who kidnapped and very nearly killed her two years prior. Now, she’s about to go back into the belly of the beast in a bid to get her little sister back.

I’m a little ambivalent on this one myself; it could be some good stuff, but the early poster release doesn’t bode well for this one at all. But we’ll get to find out just how this one turns out when this hits theaters February 24th.

Amanda Seyfried Hits New Trailer For Gone

Looking for another shot of Amanda Seyfried? Well, if you are, prepare yourself for another sweet shot of Seyfried as terror hottie with the upcoming Gone.

Gone follows a young lady by the name of Jill, who works the night shift. And when she gets home from a long night at work, she discovers her sister’s bed is empty. Convinced that her sister has disappeared, and at the hands of a serial killer who kidnapped Jill herself two years prior, Jill sets out to do the job the police won’t. But what she finds might be more surprising than you’d think.

This one will be hitting theaters February 24th, and a brand new trailer has emerged just ahead of this one’s release. The trailer isn’t exactly the best one I’ve seen lately, but it might just come off all right in the end. But we’ll find out either way, soon.

It’s Official: Amanda Seyfried Tackling Wolves

(Amanda Seyfried)

Don’t know what it is about werewolves these days (are they the new vampires or what?) but they’re steadily showing up in all sorts of places you’d never expect.? And a new werewolf project has just taken on a whole new life by officially bringing on board Amanda Seyfried.

You probably remember her as the mousy friend from Jennifer’s Body, and she’ll be joining Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke in The Girl With The Red Riding Hood, which is being described as, get this, “a gothic retelling of Little Red Riding Hood with a teenage love triangle at the center”.

As glad as I am to see terror hotties continuing on, I have to admit I’m none too encouraged about this recent putsch to get more werewolves on screen, especially the way it’s currently going down. Sure, The Wolfman was all right and all, but for crying out loud–there’s a limit.

And frankly, this is crossing it.

Huge Girl With The Red Riding Hood News

(Amanda Seyfried)

I scarcely know where to begin, folks–this is a huge chunk of news as far as terror hottie involvement goes and it’s almost terrifying in its scope.

Okay, here goes–Catherine Hardwicke, former director of the massive pile of godawful that is Twilight, is apparently making a huge splash at Warner Brothers, and to such a degree that they’re making her next movie involving werewolves and, as is clearly indicated by the title, a girl with a red riding hood.

But guess who the girl under that hood is likely to be right now?  Amanda Seyfried.  Yes, the mousy friend from Jennifer’s Body!

See, I told you this was huge news.  The interesting thing is that, apparently, Hardwicke’s schedule is so full that they need to start production on the order of soon if they want to KEEP Hardwicke!  So chances are we’ll be getting a werewolf movie with a love triangle (yes of COURSE there’s a love triangle involved) sooner than anyone expected.

And you’ll need to stay here, of course, to find out the latest.