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The Job From Hell Gets Distribution

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(Nathalie Cox)

It’s called Exam, folks, and it’s every job hunter’s secret nightmare.? Featuring Nathalie Cox on the terror hottie end of things, it’s being picked up by IFC, who’s been on an absolute buying rampage of late.

Like I said, this may well be every job hunter’s secret nightmare–the final eight candidates are in line for a job with a major corporation, and we’re not talking entry level typist here either–we’re talking SERIOUS job with serious pay and even benefits.

But these eight are put in a small room, and told to answer just one simple question.? This final interview comes with three caveats–don’t spoil the paper you’ve been handed, don’t speak to the interviewer or the armed guard by the door, and don’t leave the room.? The problem?? No one knows just what that question IS.? The candidates agree to help each other find the question, then they can all compete in the answering.

Sounds entertaining for us, mostly because we don’t have to compete in such an outlandish interview.? But how long until we get to see this?? Sadly, we’ll be waiting a while, as IFC doesn’t plan to release this one until later this year.