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New Stills Land For Contagion

p>A special treat lands for those who find themselves as eager as I am to catch Contagion in theaters: namely, a fresh pack of stills.

Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard, and plenty more server as the surprisingly robust terror hottie base for Contagion, which in turn offers up the immortal question: which is more dangerous, an airborne virus that kills in a matter of days, or a humanity that believes it has nothing left to lose in the face of said virus? The worst part is, Contagion will let us see both sides, as not only the virus rampages, but humanity follows suit as the virus claims lives.

The stills, meanwhile, underscore the disastrous nature of these proceedings and revolve around stacks of dead bodies in the streets.

Sound pretty good to anyone else? Sure does to me! Granted, I like my apocalypse movies to be a little more post and a little less during, but still, this could be a pretty good run of things. And we’ll get to see for ourselves when this comes out to theaters September 9th.

Contagion Gets Pair Of HD TV Appearances

p>There’s a lot of reason to look forward to the upcoming release of Contagion. Between the apocalypse in the making and the sheer load of terror hotties involved, well, you’re probably pretty eager by now. And the two new HD television spots to emerge certainly didn’t hurt.

Featuring some surprisingly big names–including Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, and Gwyneth Paltrow, among just a few, Contagion follows an airborne virus that infects and kills its victims in the space of mere days. With the medical community frantically trying to find a cure, and the rest of the world collapsing into chaos and horror, it remains to be seen whether the greatest threat to mankind is the virus…or itself.

You’ll be able to catch this one in theaters September 9th, when it finally gets its release. Considering that this sounds like the first half hour of The Stand writ large and given its own movie, this could be pretty good. And the sheer glut of terror hotties sounds even better. So, hopefully, when the shadows start to lengthen with September’s arrival, this will give us a nice shot of scary to help close out summer.

Kate Winslet Part of Fast-Tracked Apocalypse Thriller

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(Kate Winslet)

If I said the phrase “plague thriller”, you might well nod your head in something like recognition–you’ve seen this kind of thing before, and no doubt you’ve enjoyed a bit of it.? But what if I added on a few NAMES to that?

Names like Steven Soderbergh.? Jude Law.? Matt Damon.? Kate Winslet. Marion Cotillard.

Suddenly your entire picture has likely changed.? Now you’ve got some respect.? And yes, it’s going to happen.? It’s called Contagion, and right now, details are somewhat lacking.? But what we DO know is threefold.? One, it’s an “action-thriller about the outbreak of a deadly virus”.? Two, Steven Soderbergh has delayed ALL his other projects to get this one fast-tracked.? And three, it’s elevated Winslet and Cotillard to terror hottie status.

That last one alone makes this worth watching, but the sheer superabundance of names means this one could be something special.? So you know we’ll be keeping careful tabs on it.?