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Lars Von Trier And Penelope Cruz??

(Penelope Cruz)

The shocks just keep on coming, folks, because we’ve got another doozy for you right here–Penelope Cruz is slated to be the terror hottie of choice joining up with Lars Von Trier’s newest project, Melancholia.? Described as a “psychological drama cum disaster film”, and packing a budget of seven million bucks, the plot is downright Von Trier-grade ludicrous.

And I don’t necessarily mean that in a BAD way–Von Trier’s work has always been very much “off the map”, as it were, so what he does is usually a huge surprise.? And this one’s no different–Earth faces a catastrophe the likes of which it’s never really faced before, as Planet Melancholia comes barrelling toward Earth.

And considering that Von Trier’s on record as saying “no more happy endings!”, I think we can all pretty much picture how this will turn out.? Yeah, not good, that’s how it’ll turn out.