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Next Wes Craven Horror To Involve A Terror Hottie

(Misha Green)

You know that here at Terror Hotties we’re VERY equal opportunity.? We’ll cover ALL the ladies of horror, all the true terror hotties, be they in front of or behind the camera.? And that’s why I’m happy to tell you that the next Wes Craven horror flick will involve at least one terror hottie that we know of so far.

Misha Green, the writer of Heroes and Sons of Anarchy, will be handling the script for Wes Craven’s next horror title–Sunflower.? And what’s more, once casting gets started, ANOTHER terror hottie will be brought into play.? How do I know?? All I had to do was look at the plot synopsis.

Sunflower features an insane college professor who one day abducts one of his students and forces her (see, I told you!) to be a part of his world of insanity.

Craven is interested, though no deal is yet official, and Misha’s script is already in place.