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The Gates Takes Suburbia A Long Way Down

(Chandra West)

You wouldn’t expect to see terror hotties doing television, although these days that’s not so cut and dried as it once was.? So surprisingly enough, there’s a new series getting started that’ll bring in plenty of them, like Chandra West.

It’s called The Gates, and it goes out to a planned community deep in the heart of Suburbia.? They’ve just got a new police chief, freshly imported from the Big City, and he’s looking forward to a calm and easy job on his way to retirement.? But what he doesn’t know is that this planned community has a whole lot of skeletons in its many spacious closets.

Production is slated to start this March, and you’ll get to see the final copy, when it comes out, on of all places ABC.? And though it’s always good news to see horror hit the airwaves, it’s still pretty scary to see ABC get into the horror curve.