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Alicia Silverstone’s Triumphant Return To Terror Hottiedom

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Now here’s a shocker out of nowhere–seems that not only is Alicia Silverstone coming back, AND bringing cohort Amy Heckerling along, but they’re also going to be working together on a horror flick with other terror hottie Krysten Ritter.

Before you start thinking about a horror version of Clueless–which would be admittedly kind of awesome because it would wind up behaving like a hilarious version of Scream–I can assure you that that is NOT how this will operate.? No sir or ma’am as the case may be–you all know we’re equal opportunity horror buffs here–this one features Silverstone and Ritter as a pair of vampires living the sweet night life in New York.? But, as is so often the case, love enters the picture and threatens to split the two up…possibly for good!

Sounds kind of interesting–at least it’s not a Twilight knockoff, huh?? And the only reason these two would sparkle is if they discover a Bedazzler.? But we’ll have a while to wait, as production is set to merely start this April.