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Carolyn Von Hauck Shows A Killer Finale

So Image Entertainment has picked up the North American rights–in their entirety–to the Suspiria inspired Finale.

It’s described as “an homage” (and most of us know that means about thirty or more percent ripoff) to the classic Argento work and features a mother in the worst possible situation any mother can imagine–outliving their children.? When a grieving mother is left to bury her son, she discovers that the boy had been involved in full-on black magic.

That’s never the kind of thing you want to hear about your children, especially the recently deceased ones, but you can imagine where this goes from here.? She’ll be digging up information about the last days of her son’s life, and likely not liking what she finds.

Sounds like it could be pretty interesting, and the good news here is we’ll get to find out HOW good the news is this May, because that’s Finale’s scheduled release date.