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Centurion Gets Distro!

(Olga Kurylenko)

Those of you awaiting the psuedo-horrific return of Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko won’t have too much longer to wait, as it turns out that Magnolia Pictures’ Magnet Releasing arm has seized Centurion for its very own.

It’ll be released this summer as part of Magnet’s second installment of the Six Shooter Film Series, and features Kurylenko as a deadly Pictish tracker who’s out to find and kill a whole bunch of Roman soldiers who are roaming the vast and poorly secured fields of Britain back around the second century.

Early reports indicate that this will be a bloodbath par excellance and, though the story seems a bit on the derivative side (King Arthur and The Last Legion, anyone?), should still at least prove entertaining, or at least sufficiently so to merit a big-screen release where you’ll want the big screen to contain all the blood and violence.

Centurion Brings Terror Hotties Into the Twenty First Century

(Olga Kurylenko)

All right, folks–add the blood-soaked, action packed story of the Roman Legion taking on a horde of Pictish warriors and add in a terror hottie like Olga Kurylenko, and what do you get?

Okay, you get a movie that’s been done several times before.? But when you throw in a name on the directors chair like Neill Marshall…NOW what do you get?

You get twenty pounds of awesome in a five pound sack, that’s what you get.

That’s right, folks, the splatterific dark actioner Centurion will be coming soon, at least over in England.? Based on the story of Rome’s Ninth Legion, three thousand of Rome’s best troops that one day just kinda up and vanished, Centurion details a running battle between the Legion and the Picts that likely won’t end well for Rome’s elite.

Considering that Marshall has brought us stuff like Dog Soldiers and Doomsday, chances are this will be a dark and thoroughly gooshy romp.? I’m pretty hopeful for this one to hit the states–say what you will, but I enjoyed King Arthur and The Last Legion, so Centurion could be a little more medievalist fun, especially with the loss of Season of the Witch still smarting.