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DVD And Blu-ray Extras In Strong Supply In Paranormal Activity 3

I knew there was plenty we weren’t seeing in Paranormal Activity 3. When there were parts of the trailer that didn’t make it into the movie itself, I knew there was something seriously lacking from the main presentation. And word is that the terror hottie packed production, featuring among others Katie Featherston, will be getting a wide array of extra features.

The word is that at least two scenes that didn’t make it to the theatrical cut will join the DVD, and a further extension from there is likely. Just what will be a part of the end product isn’t exactly clear as yet, but that’s likely because they want to keep the contents quiet until the DVD itself rolls out.

Frankly, this is some very happy news, and we’ll find out just how much gets into the final cut when the DVD comes out next week–specifically, January 24th. It’ll come with Ultraviolet as well as a digital copy, so you’ll have plenty of ways to watch.

Ariel Schulman & Henry Joost Likely to Return For Paranormal Activity 4

Seems that Paranormal Activity 4 will likely be getting at least its directors back, who are looking to make a comeback as the director of the fourth installment, assuming all the talks they’re currently in go well.

Schulman, along with Henry Joost, are looking to make a reappearance in the director’s chairs for the fourth installment, and considering that the series has made just over half a billion dollars thus far–nearly half of it Paranormal Activity 3–there’s no wonder why they’re looking to bring back the two who helped make it happen.

No word yet on plot and the like, though I’m hopeful that this time they fill in a lot of the blanks the series has left so far. There were certainly plenty of those, especially considering how the second one ended. You don’t just take a baby and keep quiet about it for a whole movie. Keep it here for all the latest on shooting dates on this one, and hopefully, for the return of terror hottie Katie Featherston in the process.

Paranormal Activity 4 Gets Greenlit!

There’s no word, as yet, just who will be in Paranormal Activity 4, but we do know it’s coming, thanks to a press release that the folks out at Paramount sent out. But chances are pretty good that Katie Featherston will be making another appearance.

At least, for our sakes, I hope she is. The biggest problem I had with the still mostly good Paranormal Activity 3 was the sheer amount of holes it left behind. I still have no idea what happened to Katie or the nephew she stole back in Paranormal Activity 2. Sure, it was fun going back in time to watch them invent the automated security camera with a torn-apart fan, but I would have been a whole lot happier had we actually filled in some of the plot holes that were already there before we segued into the next round.

There’s no word on a release date on this one either, but chances are pretty good that it will, like its three predecessors, hit on Halloween. Hopefully we’re looking at a start of a new Halloween tradition that will run like Saw did back in the day, but no matter how it all turns out, keep it right here for the latest!

New Trailer Lands For Paranormal Activity 3

Katie Featherston is apparently set to return for Paranormal Activity 3, and a new trailer has emerged that makes this one look like some pretty scary stuff.

Paranormal Activity 3 goes the prequel route of sorts, showing us how the whole thing with the paranormal whatsit that’s been following and attacking Katie for years came to be. Even though we’re in the depths of 1988, we’re going to stick to the plan of putting up a whole host of cameras throughout the house, jury-rigging some pan and zoom tech to try and capture that which is in the house and going after a much younger Katie–as well as anyone around her.

The bad part about this is we already know how it turns out. Katie is not going to get killed. She can’t; after all, if she had been killed in this one she couldn’t have made the first two movies. And hopefully, we’ll find out what happens to Katie and the baby she stole back at the end of Paranormal Activity 2. And we’ll get to find out just how this all comes out October 21st. Until then, check out the trailer–it truly is some pretty creepy stuff.

Paranormal Activity Terrifies Italians

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Here’s a shocker for you, folks–the sublimely scary Paranormal Activity, featuring terror hottie Katie Featherston, is apparently so horrifying that the Italians are maybe possibly looking at banning it.

Apparently, Italian emergency response has been busy the last couple weeks frantically fielding calls from equally frantic callers, especially down around southern Naples, where “panic attacks”, some lasting in excess of HALF AN HOUR, have been taking place following TRAILERS of Paranormal Activity running on television.

The most severe case, according to reports,centered on a fourteen year old girl who was brought to a hospital–get this!–IN A STATE OF PARALYSIS.

This is apparently freaking teenagers in Italy out so very badly that they’re paralyzed with fear.? That’s a box quote if ever I read one.? Even worse–the head of an Italian parliamentary committee on children, Alessandra Mussolini (yes, she IS the granddaughter of fascist Benito!) actually wants to BAN IT.? She just doesn’t think she CAN right now.

That may be even scarier than the movie itself….