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The Woman Gets A Release Date

We’ve been following The Woman for some time now, and this highly controversial, terror hottie-packed experience (featuring both Pollyanna McIntosh and Angela Bettis) is finally getting a full video release, sooner than you might think.

The Woman follows the last survivor of Jack Ketchum’s last outing, who managed to escape the horror of the previous title (though admittedly, she was responsible for a good chunk of it). Now, badly wounded and alone, the Woman (as she’s come to be known) has managed to land herself in a much worse situation. A local court official has found the Woman, and decided to embark on a project to “civilize” her. And though our court offcial is a powerful man in several respects, he may have bit off a whole lot more than he can chew by trying to get the forest out of the Woman.

Alternately beloved and reviled by viewers, The Woman will be landing on a variety of platforms January 24th. I’m certainly looking forward to it, because frankly, with the wild divergence of early opinion, this could either be terrific or terrible, just which will remain to be seen.

Pollyanna McIntosh To Return To Ketchum Filmmaking

Say what you will about the works of Jack Ketchum, but they’re selling like gangbusters in terms of making movies.? And one of the most recent, Offspring, is coming back for more with its upcoming sequel, Offspring: The Woman.

And yes, Pollyanna McIntosh will be back in suitably primal costuming for all to enjoy.

Lucky McKee will be directing–and some of you may remember his earlier work, May, or possibly his Masters of Horror stint.? They’re set to start shooting in June somewhere in Michigan, and the plot is set to feature a disturbed lawyer who’s going off to capture a clan of lunatic primative types who’ve been tearing hell out of the Northeast for decades.

Admittedly, the earlier installment was weird but had plenty of scares in it, so we might be in for something good with this one too.