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Eva Amurri Is Down With the Sickness

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(Eva Amurri)

Isolation, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the most fundamentally terrifying states that exists.  You are left to your own devices.  Civilization can no longer help you.  Everything you knew is now gone except for that which is contained inside yourself.

Which is why Isolation looks like it may be a particularly frightening title when it finally comes out. Featuring Eva Amurri, formerly of Californication, Isolation features a young medical student who finds herself in a hospital room, after having been exposed to an unknown disease.  She’s sick as a dog, and can’t quite seem to remember how she got an isolation ward in the first place.

Freaky, I know.  Even if the title is directly stolen from at least one other horror movie I can think of, the concept is still excitingly original, and will apparently even offer zombie action.  You know me, folks, I can’t get enough of the zombie.

They started shooting this back at the end of January, so release dates are all speculation right now.  But we should see something on the order of fairly soon.