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Hellraiser Inspires Imitators

(Jessica Marais)

But at least they bring plenty of terror hotties along for the ride, incluidng Tahny Tozzi and Jessica Marais.

You’ve always got to wonder about a movie that’s inspired by a marginal movie that became a horrible series.? From its earliest inception, Hellraiser was for me a test of endurance, to see how many gruesome killings and how much horrendous plot I could absorb in a single sitting without screaming, throwing up, or shattering the DVD.? Or in early cases, the VHS cassette.

Thus I’m horrified to see that this god awful franchise spawned knockoffs.

And? this particular knock off is all about a small antique machine with the preposterous name of “La Vaudou Mort”.? This bizarrely named machine is supposed to be able to harness the powers of voodoo to kill on command.? Designed by a disturbed engineer who was a practicing occultist, La Vaudou Mort is responsible for a string of killings.? So it’s all the more disturbing when it suddenly goes missing and is apparently being used to kill again.? Who’s got the device? Why does he want so many people dead? We’ll find out when we finally get our hands on this one at a date that has not yet been revealed.