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The Killer Inside Me Gets Distro

All right, folks, if you were hoping to get the chance to see the Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson starred The Killer Inside Me, but couldn’t make it out to Sundance to catch the joy for yourself, well, cheer up.? The folks out at IFC Films got their hands on it, and are planning to release it through their theatrical and video on demand platforms.

IFC picked this up for a whopping one and a half million bucks–chicken feed by most Hollywood standards–and it’s slated for a release this summer.

The Killer Inside Me, in case you forgot, is about a small town deputy sheriff with a dark secret–he’s a closet serial killer.? Some folks at Sundance objected to the film’s extremely violent sexual content, but that doesn’t seem to slow down the folks at IFC one bit.

This is, of course, good for us because now WE get to make the decision to see it or not, as opposed to, say, bureaucrats in Washington.