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Black Death Gets Pushed Back

(Kimberley Nixon)

Remember when I was talking about Nic Cage’s Season of the Witch, and how it was the only piece of medieval horror I’d seen lately?  Well, the imitators have already started to come out of the woodwork, and in the case of Chris Smith’s Black Death, it’ll be out in late May, almost two months after Season of the Witch.  Plus, we’ll get Kimberley Nixon in the terror hottie slot, so that’s good news.

And in this case, it’s almost exactly the same movie, just in a different direction.  Here, let me give you the comparative rundown.

Season of the Witch: A knight escorts a witch to monks to stop the Black Plague.

Black Death: A monk escorts a knight to a witch to raise the dead.

See what I mean?  Almost the exact same movie but in a different direction.  How exactly they’re going to keep from getting sued by Nic Cage et al is utterly beyond me, but more power to them!

They’ll need it.