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Splice Gets Some Big Backing

(Sarah Polley)

Well if this isn’t an out of nowhere surprise–we all know about the big Sundance sci-fi romp Splice, featuring Adrien Brody and terror hottie Sarah Polley, right?? Well, here’s a bit of strange by way of update.

Apparently Dark Castle is looking to add this one to their slate and do so on a grandiose scale.? They’re planning a “wide summer release on three thousand screens” and to promote and advertise to the tune of somewhere between twenty five and forty million dollars.


Folks, in terms of just how big a gamble this is it’s about like betting your FIRST BORN CHILD on twelve black.?? They’re taking a little known flick from straight out of Sundance and jacking it up to the big summer release level?? From DARK CASTLE, no less?? Wow, says I.? My earlier whoa applies.

So look for this possibly a whole lot sooner than anyone expected!

Splice Sequels a Possibility?

Splice is currently getting its first looks out at the Sundance Film Festival, but will there be a second one?  And if so, will terror hottie Sarah Polley come back for more?

While director Vincenzo Natali confessed that it looks as though a sequel is possible, especially the way he ended it, it wasn’t his intent to do so at all.  And as to a second one, he had this to say:

“Here’s what I will say: after CUBE, which did have two sequels, of which I had no involvement whatsoever, I would not allow a second film to be made without my involvement. Simply because I want to protect that merchandise, as it were. I just felt that with CUBE, for better or worse, I wasn’t a part of that, and I wouldn’t have made some of the decisions that I think were made with the sequels. I would have done them a little differently. That’s not to say that they weren’t worthy sequels, but it’s just not the way I would have gone personally. So I think the same would be true with SPLICE, if that were in fact to happen.”

So there might be a second one, but not without Natali on board. It’s a principled stance, but will he hold on to it?  Only time will tell.