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Fresh John Landis Horror News Brings Terror Hotties Along

(Lucy Davis)

Okay, we all know that John Landis is pretty much awesome when it comes to horror, right?  But no one comes here to hear about guys, you come here for the terror hotties.  And terror hotties we’ve got–today we’re talking about Lucy Davis and Karen Black in the upcoming John Landis title (see, that’s where he comes in), Some Guy Who Kills People.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, it’s a comedy, but also a horror flick, about a guy in the middle of a small town hell all his own.  But rather than take responsibility and try to improve his lot in life, he decides to start chopping up the people he believes responsible for his miserable lot in life.

First off, John Landis is pretty good no matter what he’s tackling, so the thought of him behind the wheel of a horror comedy is a very cheery thought indeed.  This has apparently just recently started shooting, so it may be next year or even later before we get to see it.