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Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil Showing At Sundance

And they’ve got a fresh one sheet out in advance of it, too!

Yes, for those of you breathlessly awaiting Kristina Bowen’s translation to terror hottie fame, you’ll get your chance at Sundance.  Apparently, the crew behind Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil is getting things together for exhibition at one of the biggest film festivals known to man.

In case you need a refresher, here’s a quick plot rundown: a pair of rednecks find themselves accused of being serial killers while out on the lake where they just bought a “summer home”.  But Tucker and Dale aren’t really killers, and they’re going to have to clear their name AND save a passel of college students who’ve descended on the same lake where Tucker and Dale bought property.

So if you can’t wait to see this one, better make your travel arrangements because when this hits Sundance, all hell’s going to break loose with it.