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Mara Brings Us Terror And Choice Terror Hotties

(Angelica Jannson)

It’s not every day that a Swedish import shows up on our video store shelves, folks–and it’s only better when they bring along the choice Swedish terror hotties like Angelica Jansson.

But that’s exactly what upcoming release Mara will do for us.  Mara brings us Jenny, one of those “girl with a dark past” types that keep showing up so often in these kinds of movies.  Anyway, Jenny and her friends rented a cottage for a weekend of partying, as is the standard for this sort of movie.  Naturally, it’s only a matter of time before literally all hell breaks loose and Jenny finds herself alone in the cottage.  Where did everyone go?  Why is their car still parked outside?  And how much did she have to do with it?

Not a bad plotline, that–hopefully the Swedes can keep bringing this kind of action–and with a terror hottie like Angelica Jansson in their corner, well, we should be able to get a lot of fun out of Mara.

It’ll be hitting video stores in 2010.