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Dean Cain Returns To Direct To Video Horror With Maneater

(Lacy Phillips)

Yes, I know–Dean Cain is definitely NOT a terror hottie.  But that’s okay, because his return to direct to video horror won’t go without a terror hottie presence.  He’ll be bringing along Lacy Phillips in the terror hottie role, and in case you’re wondering, as far as I can tell, this has nothing to do with the low budget series involving various types of killer animals.

This one involves an FBI agent who left the bureau to become a small town sheriff.  A series of grisly murders crops up in his jurisdiction, but when he begins his investigation, he discovers that he may have more to do with them than he first–or ever!–expected.

Sounds pretty interesting, I’ll say that much.  Apparently this one’s going to bring back the Wendigo, a monster that we haven’t seen hit a whole lot of movies lately.  You know I can’t get enough innovation, and seldom used plot devices definitely count in my book.  The first trailer has been released, so it’ll likely be a while before this one finally hits video store shelves.