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Twilight Vamps Has Nothing To Do With Stephenie Meyer

Sometimes, folks, direct to video is the greatest source of terror hotties you’ve never even heard of.  Around here, though, we don’t measure a terror hottie by her name recognition, we measure her by her skill.  And another couple movies, which I found out about over on Bloody Disgusting, are going to show us just where terror hottie skill can take us.

And in Twilight Vamps, we get a story about a strip club that just happens to be owned, operated, and occupied by vampire hordes.  Naturally, they get blood along with their tips.  But when they launch into an all-night marathon, will they survive?

This one features Ashley West, Christine Nguyen and Beverly Lynne, and looks like it’ll at least be trying for horror / comedy. Should be interesting, and we’ll find out just how interesting this January.