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Strange Word From Alice Braga

(Alice Braga)

Talk about a shocker, folks–there’s word from Alice Braga about the upcoming “Predators” that’s almost too bizarre to be believed.? Here’s what she had to say about the movie coming out July 9th:

“I don’t know that, I think they might try to do PG-13, but I’m not sure. I’m not sure, I hope not actually. You know what, I think they [might] not [be able to do it PG-13] because there are some dark scenes in it, like the other films. So I think it’s going to be R. But going back to [a previous] question about editing, we never know what’s going to happen. But it looks really dark and really nice. I think, I had fun.”

A PG-13 Predator?? Can such a thing be possible without epic levels of bribery?? I can’t imagine it either, frankly, not without neutering it so badly that it’s almost unrecognizable.? We’ll have to wait and see, though–this hits theaters July 9th.

Fresh Behind The Scenes Images From Predators Emerge

(Alice Braga)

Oh yes, folks, we’ve got new images aplenty boiling out of the upcoming Predators release, which will be out in theaters June ninth.  It features Alice Braga in the terror hottie chair, and is a continuation of the classic Predator line.  You know, the one that gave us a young Schwartzenegger’s classic rumbling “Get to da choppah!”?

But I have to admit, these new images are not all that great.  For some reason someone out at the Predators set decided it’d be great to issue pictures of a couple packing crates out in the woods.  That’s really all they look like–ostensibly, these are supposed to be the cages that the movie’s heroes wind up getting caught in in the Predators’ hunting grounds, but all I see is three or four shipping crates stuck out in the woods.

Well, hopefully this will at least be passable thanks to Alice Braga, but not even a choice terror hottie can keep everything running all the time.

Newest Predator Movie To Offer Plenty of Terror Hotties

(Alice Braga)

For those who might be afraid of the upcoming Predator installment, dubbed Predators, you have good reason.  After all, we all still remember Alien Vs. Predator and Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem.  Yeah, I know.  I’m sad about it too.  But cheer up!

See, not only does Predators look to over terror hotties like Alice Braga, we also get plenty of big names like Laurence Fishburne and Adrien Brody.  And we even get Topher Grace, though hopefully he’ll get a spear through the gut first.

AND, as if that weren’t enough, we have to bear in mind that the whole thing is being done under the auspices of Robert Rodriguez’s Troublemaker Studios, which we all remember fondly from Planet Terror.

So there’s a lot of good reason to be happy about Predators, and hopefully this one will come out nicely when it hits theaters this July 9th.