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Blood Creek Goes To DVD

Emma Booth takes on the role of terror hottie of choice in Joel Schmacher’s somewhat beleaguered production of Blood Creek, which apparently is going direct to video and staying there.

Yes, we were all kind of hoping that this one would get a little better love than it got, but no…it’s taking the mostly direct to video route (I personally refer to anything that gets anything less than a wide release as being direct to video).  But at the very least, we’ll still get to see this sucker.

To give you a plot recap on this one, it features the Wollners, a German family in the town of Town Creek, West Virginia.  The Wollners are given the opportunity to host a visiting scholar by the Third Reich (this is in 1936, so no one would really get their hackles up at the concept).  Anyway, this visiting scholar brings with him some really, really nasty experiments that he’s about to let loose on the town.  And it’ll only get worse from there.

Sounds like it could be a ride, if nothing else.  I have to admit I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out, and we’ll see for ourselves January 19th.