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Comedown Brings Us A Load of English Terror Hotties

(Red Madrell)

Man, am I surprised about the recent influx of English horror.  A few years ago, all you heard about the English horror market was 28 Days Later, and now, they’re clocking out titles like no tomorrow.

Maybe they finally figured out what our direct to video market figured out back in the late nineties–horror can be made rapidly and on the cheap with a minimum of fuss and bother.  And considering that they’ve got their share of terror hotties like Red Madrell, they may have plenty to tackle soon.

And I have to admit, Comedown looks like it might be a doozy, too.  Seems London isn’t the place it used to be in this one, and all around is abandoned buildings steadily falling into decay.  Six kids take advantage of the blighted urban landscape to set up a relay for a pirate radio station at the top of one of the tallest buildings, thus expanding its reach.  But they’ll be taking on a psychopath, convinced his “home” is being beset by “vermin”.

It’ll be coming next year in England, and once again, I’m hopeful I can lay hands on a copy in the near future.