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A Bit of French Terror Hottie Action For You Today

(Sigi Wimala)

So here’s a bit of interesting news for you today–apparently someone’s decided to launch into a fairly straightforward ripoff of Inside called Macabre, featuring a host of terror hotties like Sigi Wimala and Imelda Therinne.

When newlyweds Adjie and Astrid, and some of their best friends, bug out on an interstate road trip with an eye to giving Adjie one last chance to reconcile with his estranged little sister.  But on their way, they run into a woman who claims that she’s been recently robbed.  The party then takes her to her house in the middle of nowhere, where she introduces the group to her family.  Her family then begins a systematic murder spree, killing off the friends one by one.

Admittedly, it does sound like the kind of thing that we’ve seen before, but this just might be scary enough, if it’s done right.