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Kate Hodge About To Get Serious Play

You may not recognize the name Kate Hodge right off, folks, but I assure you there’s a very good reason for that.  She’s had plenty of roles, but not much of any real consequence, you see…but Universal is about to give her career an extra punch by bringing one of her big starring roles in She Wolf Of London back to DVD.

If you haven’t heard of She Wolf of London, either, well…you’re not alone there either.  It’s about what you’d expect, though, as a young American college student gets bitten by a werewolf, and then joins up with a professor to investigate “supernatural occurrences”.  You know, like her own, kind of.  So it’s kind of like, say, Buffy…just with more werewolves.  Kind of a nifty idea but not exactly a huge splash.

But seeing as how Universal’s got The Werewolf coming out soon, they’re probably looking to drum up a little full moon frenzy of their own in advance.  Not to mention piggybacking on New Moon’s immense success.

Look for this one in stores February 2010.