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Newest Coffin Joe Installment Gets Distribution

(Cristina Ache)

Well, folks, if you were up for a little Brazilian horror, then I’ve got some really awesome news for you.  The newest installment of the Coffin Joe series, featuring terror hottie Cristina Ache, is getting distribution through the folks at Synapse Films.

Once again, Coffin Joe is rising from the grave and on the hunt for that one special lady to bear his child.  And anyone who happens to get between him and his womb of choice gets killed.  Messily.  Painfully.

Granted, I have absolutely no idea why this zombie wants to knock a woman up so badly (you’d think the whole blood flow thing would be a problem), but it should be a good one for the gorehounds in the audience.  It’ll be brought to video stores everywhere in 2010, on both DVD and Blu-ray, but first there might be a limited theatrical release.  So if you’ve got a thing for cult blood sports, then this is probably going to be prime for you.