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The Bleeding Features A Host of Terror Hotties

(Rachelle Leah)

Rachelle Leah and Kat Von D sound like a pretty nice batch of terror hotties all by themselves, but when you consider what they’ll be in, you might have even more reason to be cheery.

So, what comes to mind when you hear the phrase “independent vampire action flick”?

Besides the squealing, of course. That and the happy cheers that, finally, vampires that won’t sparkle in sunlight won’t be on our screens any more. Of course, maybe you’re also thinking about less than stellar title Brotherhood of Blood from Ghost House Underground, because that thing was nothing to write home about either.

But that’s what we’re looking at with hopefully upcoming release The Bleeding. The question is, of course, how will this turn out? The premiere just happened, not a few days ago, but how long will it take to make its way to us? No one knows…yet, anyway.