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Black Swan Brings More Terror Hotties Into Play

(Winona Ryder)

We might well remember that Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are now officially terror hotties attached to Black Swan, the so-called “Dario Argento-esque” horror flick.  But I bet you’ll be stunned by at least part of the newest bit of data out about Black Swan.

Here’s the skinny, folks–Winona Ryder’s agreed to sign on.  But that’s not what’ll get you.  What’ll REALLY get you is who ELSE is signing on…Barbara Hershey.

Now Barbara Hershey is DEFINITELY not one of those names you think of when you think of terror hotties.  But she is one now, there’s no doubt–and that’s why we’re EXTREMELY happy to announce that now, she is one, and there’s no two ways about it.  It might be one of the greatest parts of this whole venture, to tell you about the terror hotties you never knew existed, or never would even imagine.

But that’s half the fun.  Stick around, folks–you never know who’ll be a terror hottie tomorrow.