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Dahmer Vs. Gacy–Now Here’s A Concept

(Bonnie Aarons)

Featuring some of the strangest casting you’ve ever seen in the history of the universe EVER, including terror hottie Bonnie Aarons as General Arbogast and Harland Williams as…God…Dahmer Vs. Gacy may well be one of the weirdest concepts ever.

Imagine if you will, our beloved federal government decides it needs one of those genetically engineered super soldiers you’re always hearing about.  So in a move to do just that, they collect the DNA of serial killers.  They then clone first class freakshow John Wayne Gacy and human cutlet maker Jeffrey Dahmer, and of course, they escape, which launches into a killing spree that develops its own fan base.

After watching a slew of serial killer movies, most from resident cancer on the ass of horror Ulli Lommel, I have to say that playing it like this is definitely something new and different.  But will it be sufficient to draw a crowd?  We’ll have to wait for New Years Eve to settle that particular hash.