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Amy Heckerling To Tackle Vampires

(Amy Heckerling)

Oh crap.

Now I’m just horrified, folks.  I watch fictitious bloodsport on a daily basis as a sheer professional obligation and I’ve never been quite so horrified as to hear the news that former Clueless helmer Amy Heckerling will be tackling a vampire movie.  And, of course, Kristen Ritter is already on the cast list.

This time around, Heckerling will be dealing with two young vampires living the good life in New York, but when they find themselves falling in love, they may have to do something they won’t like–and something that will jeopardize their very immortality.

Well, okay…maybe I’m not so terrified.  After all, the vampire subgenre is mostly a write off anyway, so let them run amok as they please.  After all, what’s the difference in the long run?  One MORE godawful vampire movie? I mean, I already know not to eat vindaloo curry, so why would I care that they came out with a version involving shrimp?

Production starts this march, with a release date probably just in time to catch a little pre-Twilight release fervor.